It is an institution with 10 years of experience in the care and attention of the elderly, we have professional staff with the ability to attend and care for the elderly with various pathologies, we have three offices in the city of Bogotá DC in the north area, we are endorsed and certified before the secretary of health and secretary of social integration as a sustainable and healthy home, we respect and carry out activities that bring the elderly closer to their beliefs, no matter what, we want to make the elderly feel at home, generating a home environment, in which they will be able to enjoy 24-hour nursing services with greater taste and comfort, we work their emotional area according to their pathology, offering quality of life, we have professionals with a lot of charisma and understanding, willing to give everything for the being you love so much, we also work in his spiritual area with people trained to talk about the subject, reading the bible, doing this Group udios, we seek to invite the elderly to participate and share their experiences.


Offer quality of life to the elderly in the emotional, social, cultural, intellectual, physical aspects; in order to satisfy your various needs. Our passion is the reason to exceed our services, we want to achieve and create a home environment in which our parents, siblings and relatives can feel identified and comfortable, we will achieve all this based on our ethical and professional values.


Promote Wellbeing, provide excellent and accessible resources that improve the quality of life of the elderly, their caregivers and the community. Improve services for the elderly Responding to their changing needs and adapting them to an environment of love and service.


Caring for older adults with a "sacred trust" that goes beyond the basics to include mental, emotional and spiritual support. - Be open to everything they need, respecting the value of each individual. - Provide compassionate and high-quality care.


Tel: 819-1602

Cel: 320-367-6857

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Calle 235 #80-02 Casa 27 - Guaymaral

Calle 121 # 47A-11 - El batán

Carrera 46 # 118-63 - Malibu

 Bogotá Tel : 923-8616 Cel: 320-367-6857


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